Medical Device Manufacturer Migrates to Cloud -II Resources & Architecture

iCad's Axxent Hub delivers innovative software and services designed to raise the bar for internet assisted communication, data storage and collaboration. For Axxent Hub, migration to AWS was triggered mainly to improve on agility, scalability, disaster readiness and cost savings. Through the process, we moved the application to a better and bigger system to boost [...]

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Medical Device Manufacturer Migrates to Cloud with Dataphilic

Axxent Hub is a platform, easy to set up, train on and use in real time in a clinical practice that helps you manage patient volumes, decrease idle time and organize patient dose prescription. It brings the adherence to policies, compliances and best practices under one roof on a screen throughout a patient’s treatment.   [...]

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AWS Reserved Instances become more Flexible and Cost effective

We have been advocating the value of AWS Reserved Instances for some time and why not! They allow you to save a lot on the on-demand resource by committing to a low cost reservation early on. But, as the size of data being produced is increasing every day, real time data analysis and unplanned minor [...]

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Components of Ideal Disaster Readiness Platform on Cloud

As we spoke about the recent AWS S3 fiasco and world going under, some of us actually went down testing our environments to build a fail safe Disaster Readiness platform in case the situation goes out of hands. To make things simple, a Disaster readiness platform needs to have its sleeves up on NOT compromising [...]

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Learn How to Face a Disaster similar to AWS Outage?

The recent AWS S3 debacle not just knocked out a few well known entities like Medium, Expedia and Slack but the 148,213 websites and 121761 unique domains dependent upon Amazon S3, according to data tracked by SimilarTech. The almost 5 hour breakdown had its roots so deep down in the infrastructure that AWS status dashboard [...]

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DevSecOps and Migrating Hadoop workload on AWS

Security is an integral part of the whole Cloud Universe. It wasn’t required to create a term out of DevOps to pay the due respect. Instead security is the founding principle of the infrastructure, guidelines and processes hence claiming its place in the terminology. The purpose of DevSecOps is to instill the understanding that every [...]

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